Frequently asked questions

What is currently possible with the corona restrictions?

The changing corona rules can raise many questions for you. You can read more about the measures in the bus and at your destination on the Corona Information page. We keep a close eye on the measures to provide you with the most recent information.

What does it cost to rent a coach?

The price of hiring a coach depends on several factors. This includes in particular the number of kilometers to be covered of the journey. When filling in the quotation, you provide us with the route with which we can calculate a price. You will receive this price calculation by email as soon as possible.

Can you bring a walker or wheelchair?

We have a special coach with luxury options for groups with reduced mobility. The passengers in a wheelchair are drivin on board with the help of our driver and a lift, where the wheelchair is secured with special clamps. This bus can transport a maximum of 10 wheelchairs. Please note that a double sofa must be removed to use the lift. Electric wheelchairs or wheelchairs with different sizes take up more space, so that fewer seats remain available. A walker or wheelchair can almost always be taken along in the luggage compartment. Indicate this when booking, and we will make sure that the driver is aware of this!

Is smoking allowed in the coaches?

No. A general smoking ban applies in all Lanting Reizen coaches. Smoking is only allowed outside when the coach has stopped for a break, for example.

I lost something in the coach, how can I get it back?

Contact us by calling 0528-233000 or mail to info@lantingreizen.nl. PLEASE NOTE: it may be that the bus is not present in our fleet at the time of your question, in this case we will respond when the bus returns.

What facilities does a Coach have?

To see which facilities are included in which coach, please visit our Fleet page.

Questions about hiring a coach

Can I hire a coach without a driver?

Driving a large vehicle like a coach requires additional skills and experience. A specialized driver’s license is required. It is also permitted by law to rent a coach for more than 9 people without a driver.

How long does it take before my quote request is answered?

After you have sent a quote request, our team will get to work to plan an optimal trip for you. We look for the best possible route and the best suitable coach to make your trip as cheap as possible. You will receive an answer from us within 2 days after submitting the request for quotation you have completed.

Is requesting a quote free of charge?

Requesting a quote is completely free. You assume no obligations in this regard.

Can I take a walker or wheelchair with me if I rent a coach?

We have a special coach with luxury options for groups with reduced mobility. The passengers in a wheelchair are driven on board with the help of our driver with a lift, where the wheelchair is secured with special clamps.

Questions about day trips

How do I know if a day trip isn't cancelled?

We aim to carry out every day trip. However, whether a day trip will go ahead depends on the number of registrations. Lanting Reizen works with a minimum number of participants required for each day trip. Do you want to make sure that your day trip will take place? Please contact us and we will try to give you an indication of the chance that the day trip will take place.

Do I get my money back if a day trip is cancelled?

We do our very best to avoid having to cancel a day trip, however, if this happend, you will receive a message from us as soon as possible and the money to which you are entitled will be refunded according to the payment method you have chosen.

Where can i board a day trip?

For the day trips there are fixed places in advance. This means it is not possible to board anywhere other than these addresses. However, this does not apply to group day trips. A pick-up point or pick-up point are agreed upon consultation for the transport of the group.

Can I register by phone for a day trip?

You can always call us to sign up for a day trip, our travel advisors will then ask you for the personal information that you would otherwise enter when registering online. Call: 0528-233000.

Questions about group day trips

Is it possible to put together a group day trip yourself?

Certainly, we are happy to help you with this! Our travel consultants have many years of experience in planning & organizing group day trips. Setting up a tailor-made group day trip is therefore no problem for us.

Is it possible to make adjustments in the program of the group day trip?

It is always possible to make changes to the program. In consulation we can expand or adjust the group day trip to your own wishes, such as inserting an extra stop or attraction or canceling it. Do you already have a program and do you only want to rent a coach? Then click here.

Are there boarding points associated with the group trips?

Group day trips do not have pick-up points. You have the choice in this yourself. The pick-up location influences the price of the group day trip. Please contact us if you are considering different boarding locations.

Less mobile? No problem!

Our programs are largely suitable for wheelchair users. Lanting Reizen has a wheelchair coach for your group day trip.

Questions about Musicals

Do I have to pay entrance to the musical myself?

No, we will arrange for your tickets. We even arrange first rank tickets for most musicals for an optimal experience. More information about these entrance tickets can be found on the individual musical pages.

Are the day trips to Musicals driven by a luxury coach?

Yes, of course! For an optimal experience, we drive the bus rides to the musicals with our luxury coaches. Are you curious about what our luxury coaches look like? Then visit our Fleet page.

How do I register to participate in a Musical?

You can sign up for the musicals in many different ways. Call us for your reservation on 0528-233000 or send an e-mail to info@lantingreizen.nl (mention in the e-mail your name and addres, your telephone number, the number of people and you pick-up location). Finally, it is possible to send us a message via social media.