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Our fleet is divers and dynamic, allowing us to respond to every demand. For example, we have a number of double-decker coaches for large groups and if you are looking for more luxury, take a look at our VIP coach or the business class coaches that we offer. We also have a number of coaches availiable for schools, as well as for groups with reduced mobility, our so-called wheelchair coach. We also offer a standard coach that can easily be converted to a comfortclass coach.

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Standard Coach

The Standard Coach is perfect for travelling with a medium sized group. With a variety of facilities and an adeptable layout, they are also flexible for any use.  

Rent a coach?

For groups you can rent a coach per half day or longer period including driver and all the facilities you wish. Because we make customization, we do not have a standard travel package for you. Everything is possible in consultation!

Do you have a dream trip, but you are not sure if it’s possible. Be sure to contact us at the contact page or fill in the quotation and add a additional message or question.

Doubel decker coach

The Double decker coach is excellent for large groups. 85 people can fit in this coach, which means that travelling with two coaches for larger groups isn’t necessary. We are also happy to provide a bar with coffee, tea, soft drinks and/or alcoholic drinks. Indicate in your quote request that you wish to use a bar.

Comfort Class Coach

In principle, any coach can be converted into a Comfort Class Coach. Ideal if you want just al little more legroom

Event guidance

Lanting Reizen is also your guide for the transport of your event. Whether you want to organize a festival, trade fair, sports event or club event, we advise you with the logistical challenge and coordinate the transport until the day of your event.

Every event is unique! We offer advice on the use of coaches. The route and the entry and exit locations are also important for the efficiency of the trip. Thanks to years of experience, any challenges can be intercepted in advance, so that the transport runs smoothly.

Wheelchair Coach

We offer a Wheelchair Coach especially for groups with reduced mobility. This coach has an elevator, which means that passengers who have difficulty walking or who are confined to a wheelchair can simply join the journey.

Business Class Coach

If you are looking for a luxury coach then the Business Class Coach is perfect. With extra legroom and Business Class armchairs your are traveling with a lot of luxury.


Of course we are also happy to provide a bar with coffee, soft drinks and/or alcoholic drinks. We can even arrange a packed lunch for you. Please indicate in your quotation that you would like one of these facilities.

A good service is Lanting Reizen’s top priority

School bus

The good basis and therefore available at a reduced rate, especially for schools!

Coach with tables

We have three coaches with tables. Our VIP bus and to other coaches with tables for that extra bit of convenience. Also useful for taking notes during meetings on the go.

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